A Message from Our President and CEO

A Message from Our President and CEO

Here we are. At times, each of us has wondered when 2020 will come to an end. It’s been more than just a year in history. The year 2020 is now a hashtag. It’s a moniker, a descriptor, an analogy for the unexpected and unknown. 

From my perspective, this year revealed — and strengthened — a lot about who Cox is. We quickly sprang into action to adapt to multiple challenges. We jumped headfirst into remote work. We transitioned to all digital in our auto auctions. We leapfrogged years ahead in customer growth at Cox Communications. We handled a historic transition of our customers working, visiting doctors and Zooming from home — with all the networking and customer service that requires. 

We did all this while staying true to our values. An enormous amount of work went toward taking care of our people. Cox senior leaders donated months of their salaries to the Cox Employee Relief Fund. Employees were provided a disaster relief payment. Millions of dollars were provided for food banks, feeding the front-line workers and community groups in need across the country. 

We met the call of social justice head on — making it clear that inequity and racism has no place in our company or our society. We created a fund to give to groups making a difference for the cause. We conducted listening sessions and have revamped our goals and commitment to diversity and inclusion in the future. 

We also made great strides in our commitment to sustainability. We've continued to invest in new businesses and technologies like BrightFarms. We have doubled our efforts in Cox Conserves and now believe we can deliver on our commitments perhaps years earlier than we originally planned. 

It hasn’t been easy, but sometimes it takes a good punch in the face to bring out the very best in an organization. We have been hit hard, but we have been made stronger. I feel confident in saying that Cox Enterprises will go into 2021 more resilient than ever before — saying this not with hubris or ego, but with the strength and humility of having been through an extraordinary experience. 

We are by no means out of the woods, but we are stronger and more focused than ever on continuing this journey. Our goal is to grow, to adapt and change and to make this little family business of ours better than ever before for the next generation.