Cox Conserves Heroes

Cox Conserves Heroes

Each year, the Cox Conserves Heroes program recognizes individuals who volunteer to create, preserve or enhance outdoor places in local communities. Since 2007, we have honored nearly 200 volunteers nationwide.

The program takes place in locations across the country where there is a Cox property and a Trust for Public Land presence. Individuals are publicly nominated, and a panel of local civic leaders within the environmental field narrows the finalists to the top three. Then the public is invited to choose the winner by voting online. In each market, the winner and finalists receive donations that go to their local environmental nonprofits of choice, with the winner’s designated organization receiving $10,000.

Our Cox Conserves Heroes' Contributions

Our Cox Conserves heroes have made a significant impact on conservation and environmental protection in their communities. Here's a snapshot of their contributions:

  • Planting 3,500 new trees
  • Removing 1,400 tons of litter
  • Facilitating 70 public cleanups
  • Saving 500 burrowing owls
  • Protecting 30 beaches
  • Protecting 107,000 acres of land
  • Creating and maintaining 850 miles of trails
  • Volunteering more than 6,000 hours
  • Eliminating pesticides at 120 acres of playing fields
Our Cox Conserves Heroes' Contributions