The Internet's largest auto classified marketplace and consumer information website, with approximately 2.8 million new and used vehicle listings attracting an average of 15 million unique monthly visitors.


Revenue: $629 million
Unique visitor monthly average: 14.8 million
Number of average monthly vehicle listings: 2.8 million
Number of average monthly dealers served: 31,000
Number of average monthly private owner listings: 74,000

"2009 was an incredibly challenging year, especially for the automotive industry. weathered the storm well and has many opportunities that lie ahead. I am extremely proud of our employees, who worked so hard for us to achieve our goals and managed to give so much of their time and resources to many worthwhile causes."

Chip Perry, President and Chief Executive Officer,

2009 Highlights

  • Increased total revenue in 2009 by 1 percent compared to 2008, including revenue attributable to operations transferred to during 2009 that were formerly managed by AutoTrader Publishing. Excluding these former AutoTrader Publishing operations, total revenue in 2009 decreased 3 percent compared to the prior year – a dramatic outperformance of the automotive advertising market overall, which declined 15-20 percent.
  • Increased dealer satisfaction by 15 points and reduced dealer churn by two-thirds, to a record low, as a result of consultative selling.
  • Increased unique visitor monthly average from 14.2 million in 2008, to 14.8 million in 2009, representing a 5 percent increase, again strongly outperforming the market, which generated 15-20 percent fewer vehicle sales than 2008.
  • Surpassed 15 million unique visitors each month for eight months straight in January – August 2009; reached 16 million unique visitors in March 2009, marking the first time in the company's history that unique visitor counts have reached that level in a single month.
  • Launched Access, an ad network which gives our advertisers, through lifestyle and behavioral targeted campaigns, the opportunity to reach millions of consumers across a portfolio of sites through one media buy.
  • For sixth consecutive year, named most useful automotive site in J.D. Power and Associates Study.
  • Launched Trade-In Marketplace in four markets, a unique program which allows consumers to receive a guaranteed purchase offer for their vehicle for the purpose of sale or trade-in, and provides dealers a new source of highly qualified traffic and inventory.
  • Relaunched AutoTrader Classics as the premiere destination for fans of classic cars and trucks, with an all-new user interface and improved functionality and consumer features.