Supplier Sustainability


Cox Enterprises is committed to partnering with suppliers to create a more sustainable supply chain.  With a focus on conserving and protecting the environment, Cox Enterprises seeks to work with suppliers that employ best-in-class sustainable business practices.


Cox Enterprises supports the following specific Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP principles):

  • Reduction of the amount of energy and water in manufacturing and distribution;
  • Affirmative actions to prevent the creation of air and/or water pollution and waste products;
  • Availability of recycled and/or recyclable content in products and packaging, and other remanufacturing;
  • Investment in the use of alternative energy sources for manufacturing and distribution;
  • Transportation practices that are environmentally friendly. 

EPP principles will be weighed with other quality, service and total cost components in supplier selection.  Whenever possible, preference will be given to suppliers that adhere to the above EPP principles. 


Learn more about our Cox Conserves sustainability program and how your business can go green.


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